Why choose Talent Referral?

Talent Referral is a special system designed to help automate the referral hiring process and approach more potential candidates.

  • Better candidate quality and candidate fit

    Due to the understanding about work environment and company culture of the friends, the referral candidates are mostly fit with the screening criteria given by the recruitment team.

  • Diversified and wider candidate pool

    The internal employees’ networks help bring diversified and wider candidate pool for company to approach more potential candidates.

  • More activitities for employee engagement

    The encouragement and reward policies of the system create more exciting internal engagement activities and help companies build rapport with employees.

  • Improving employee retention

    As the referral candidates get to know the work culture since the beginning through the sharing from friends currently working in the company, most of them tend to stay longer.

  • Quicker onboarding process

    The system is designed with special features and messages that can automate the referral hiring process and make it time-saving as compared with the other traditional channels.

  • Recruitment budget mitigation

    The referral bonus is only applied to successful hiring and the recruitment budget is therefore assured to be spent affordably and to be mitigated.

Experience the hiring quality with Talent Referral


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