Why choose Talent Referral?

Talent Referral is a special system designed to help automate the referral hiring process and approach more potential candidates.

Approaching the right group of potential candidates

The ads of job posting, or training courses are targeted to be sent over to the right candidates with the most matching with the requirements of the employer.

Save time for Data filtering

Email list segmentation based on different criteria such as age, occupation, skills, ect…collected from more than 700,000 resumes at CareerBuilder.vn are available upon client’s request.

Build the talent database for current and future hiring needs

Attract potential candidates to become a fan has not been that easy with “Join our Talent Network” button.

Increase engagement between employer and candidate in the hiring process

Save cost and time connecting with your candidates and increase your brand awareness with automatic engagement system.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - Makes recruiting easy

Increase the efficiency of recruitment processes via the intuitive applicant tracking system

Increase the employer branding

Approach the right target audience can help save costs but still increase “attentive reach”. No more waste on the advertising budget for the usual mass email marketing.

Experience the hiring quality with Talent Referral

Templates for reference