Targeted Email Marketing
A more efficient tool to approach your future hiring.

Targeted Email Marketing is specifically designed as a privilege solution for employers to improve the efficiency of approaching potential candidates via e-mail during the on-going recruitment campaigns.

Approaching the right group of potential candidates

The vacancies are targeted to be sent over to the right candidates with the most matching with the requirements of the employer.

Saving time for data filtering

Targeted Email Marketing can help the business to reduce time to search for candidates with +1.000.000 resumes classified from CareerBuilder.

Increase Engagement Rate

Targeted Email Marketing can help increase significantly the engagement rates with appropriate advertising content to the right target audience.

Sending a more appealing message

The recruitment message will be customised following the own style and employer branding of every single company.

Getting updated with the campaign’s performance

How the campaign is going will be updated in details after 14 and 30 days.

Optimising your advertising budget

No more waste on the advertising budget for the usual mass email marketing. It’s now all about ‘attentive reach’ and optimisation to best suit the employer’s requirements.

Maximising your ROI with Targeted Email Marketing

Library of email templates for reference