Brand Packaging Corporation

Brand Packaging Corporation


No. 1, Plot CN18, Road N6 Kim Huy Industrial Park, Phu Tan Ward, Thu Dau Mot City

Company Information
  • Company size: 25-100
  • Field of operations: Foreign

About us

Brand Packaging Corporation Joint Stock Company (BRANDPAK) is a Singpaporean-owned 100% foreign company. Our office and factory are located at the Kim Huy Industrial Park, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province.

BRANDPAK is a flexible packaging converter. We cater to the food, beverage, and non-food consumer  industries. 

Message from Brand Packaging Corporation

In 2020, Brand Packaging Corporation Joint Stock Company (BRANDPAK) is seeking  to establish its foothold in Vietnam. 

We at BRANDPAK strongly believe in Vietnam and its promise of tremendous opportunity. With sharp determination and focus, BRANDPAK upholds that progress and growth are definitely achievable even amidst the multifold challenges posed by the global coronavirus pandemic. 

JOIN US and be one of our pioneers!