Công Ty TNHH Công Nghiệp Wongeak (Việt Nam)

Location: Nhà xưởng số 1-3, cụm 1, đường M14, KCN Tân Bình mở rộng, P. Bình Hưng Hòa, Q. Bình Tân, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh.

Field of operations: ForeignWebsite: www.wongeak.com

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About us

1. Who are we?

  Wongeak Industry Co., Ltd.:

   We are the industry leader in Thailand of Brand/Product identification solutions and value added accessories. Our objective is to focus on "Simplifying & Enhancing" the Brand/Product identification and packaging of your company, while integrating a supply chain management system with a premium customer service level that will help bring your vision to reality efficiently.


2. What is our product?

   Brand/Product identifications & value added accessories are: Woven Labels, Printed Labels, Printed Fabric Labels, Hang Tags, Graphic Tags, Identity Graphics, Heat Transfers, Patches, Custom Packaging and Security Products.

3. What do we offer?

   Solutions for Brand & Product identification and value added accessories. Our products are made out of the highest quality material and the most advanced machinery in the industry. We can provide a single labeling component or an entire program of identity products, "One-Stop-Solution", to satisfy your requirements.


4. Why choose Wongeak?

      We integrate international standards in all of our departments so customers from around the world won't have to go through the time consuming process of getting a manufacturer to meet the requirements of their code of conduct and import restrictions in their country. We have been certified by the "ISO9001: 2000" and "SA8000" regulations, to ensure your confidence in our workforce. 

      We've integrated an operation system designed to help inform our customers about their orders. We use our own barcode tracking system design in every procedure of the production flow to be able to keep our customers up to date with their orders and control the efficiency of logistics.

      In our sales department, we deliver a premium customer service level by simplifying the complicated coordination of global manufacturing with our well-trained, multilingual specialists who have proficient knowledge of all the technologies and services we provide. Around the clock shifts ensure that you will be able to contact and get responsive information that you need on time.

      For our manufacturing department we separate each production division distinctively, to create specialization of our work force in each of our production lines. We have the capacity to meet the demand of all our customers so that you don't have to worry about any delays. Also in our post-production process, we use the latest QC equipment technology to control the quality of your products, so that you would be overwhelmed at what a small but efficient company like us can provide you.

      We'd like to encourage you to try our services as your overseas supplier, so we can help you ease the complications of bringing your vision for your brand/product identifications accessories, to reality.

Message from Công Ty TNHH Công Nghiệp Wongeak (Việt Nam)

  Wongeak Industry Co., Ltd., was established 20 years ago by a young entrepreneur, Mr. Seksan Wongjiratitikarn (Managing Director), with a simple vision to create a textile company that would be able to compete in the global market with global standards and quality. Since then, after a lot of hard work, putting effort and dedication towards every customer's requirements, Wongeak Industry Co., Ltd. had gained a reputation for quality and reliability through out the region. Mr. Seksan quoted that, "It doesn,t matter if we make profit or not, the key success to our company is satisfying our customer's needs in every means possible."

This strength was sought-after by many international trading companies through out the region. Wongeak Industry Co., Ltd., gained new technologies and new techniques in increasing the quality and efficiency of manufacturing to compete competitively in the global market. We've also gained international standards; “ISO9001: 2000”, “ISO 14000:2004”, “OHSAS 18000:1999”, “TLS 8001:2003” and “SA8000” regulations certified by the government.

       Today Wongeak Industry Co., Ltd., has become one of the leading manufacturers of Brand/Product identification solutions and value added accessories in the region with strong customer relationships. We understand that the brand/product values of our customer's are very high and take a lot of effort and time to build. All information received will be strictly kept secret. The products we produce for our customers are licensed and patented legally through international laws. We produce brand/product identification solutions for major wholesale and retail brands through out the world.

               It started with a man's simple vision and now it has become his reality, so let us "Bring Your Vision to Reality"...


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