Công ty TNHH Watami Việt Nam

Công ty TNHH Watami Việt Nam


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About us

KYO, a term for Motenashi in Japanese, means “hospitality”. Wholeheartedly prepare, serve, and provide special experiences for the customers. WATAMI, not only origins from our founder’s name Watanabe Miki, also means “harmony” (Wa) and “people” (Tami). KYO WATAMI Grill & Sushi is an authentic Japanese restaurant, where you can “gather your family and friends to dine in a harmony”, taste the authentic Japanese food with a variety of menu from salad, tempura, deep fried, robata yaki, teppanyaki, sushi, sashimi, udon, hotpot, rice..., enjoy your time, and be welcomed with well mannered, detail-minded, and warm service. Our top priority is the quality of food. We import the ingredients directly from Japan, as well as from top high quality local suppliers with Watami Group’s criteria. We also brings you a very-special-grill-style from Japan: Robata Yaki style - a style of Japanese grill cooking that originated centuries ago, with fresh and seasonal meat, fish and vegetables. Literally translated, Robata Yaki means “fire-side cooking”, featuring skewered meats, vegetables and seafood cooked over hot white charcoal. Because white is free of chemicals, nearly smokeless and heats to such high temperatures (over 1000°), it preserves the true flavors and juices of the food being grilled. Coming to our restaurant, don’t forget to try that pure flavors. Welcome you to KYO WATAMI Grill & Sushi.