Money Forward Vietnam Co., Ltd

Money Forward Vietnam Co., Ltd


21st Floor, Etown Central Building, 11 Doan Van Bo Street, Ward 12, District 4

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  • Company size: 25-99
  • Field of operations: Foreign

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Money Forward Vietnam Co., Ltd

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  • Ho Chi Minh

About us

About Money Forward Vietnam Co., Ltd


  • 100% Japanese company
  • Opportunities to create services for Vietnamese market, Southeast Asian market, world market
  • English-speaking environment
  • A ruby committer belongs to our company
  • Interesting Engineering Projects
    • Develop brand-new services related finance services, back office operation (Saas)
    • Develop new features in personal financial management service in Japan


About a parent company, Money Forward, Inc.


  • Top fintech company in Japan
  • Listed on Market of the high-growth and emerging stocks of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Provides B2C service, a personal financial management service “Money Forward”, which has 11 million users in Japan and No. 1 market share in Japan
  • Provides B2B services, “MF Cloud Series”, SaaS-type service platform for businesses, providing comprehensive services for back office operations

Message from Money Forward Vietnam Co., Ltd

Mission - Money Forward. Move your life forward

“Money” may be nothing more than a tool for living.
However, money is also essential for guarding ourselves and our families, as well as for realizing our dreams. We contribute to building a better society by providing services that enable users to “see money in a positive light and broaden their range of opportunities,” thereby significantly enriching their lives.


Vision - Becoming the financial platform for all

We aim to solve money-related issues of all individuals and businesses through building an open and fair financial platform and providing essential services.


Values - Our social code of conduct

"User Focus": Defying all obstacles, we will retain a user-oriented stance at all times, grasping users’ substantive issues and delivering solutions that exceed their expectations.

"Technology Driven": We believe technology to be a major driver in changing the world. We will therefore delve deeper into technology and provide society with deriving services, and thus unceasingly drive innovation.

"Fairness": We pledge to be fair and open to all stakeholders including our users, employees, shareholders and society as a whole.



Speed; Pride; Teamwork; Respect; Fun