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Jobs active (25)

Job Title Location Salary Updated
Nhân Viên Kỹ Thuật (Hà Nội) Ha Noi 5 Tr - 7 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Giám Sát Thi Công Cơ Điện (ME) Ho Chi Minh 7 Tr - 15 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Giám Đốc Nhà Máy / Factory Director Ba Ria-VT Competitive 13-10-2017
Chuyên Viên Tuyển Dụng Ho Chi Minh 8 Tr - 15 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Chuyên Viên Thiết Kế Đồ Họa Ho Chi Minh 10 Tr - 25 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Giám Đốc Kinh Doanh Ho Chi Minh 20 Tr - 30 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Nhân Viên Thủ Kho Ho Chi Minh 6 Tr - 10 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Kỹ Sư Tư Vấn Và Thiết Kế Điện Ho Chi Minh 10 Tr - 15 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Chuyên Viên Marketing Da Nang 7 Tr - 15 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Supply Chain Manager Ho Chi Minh 19,8 Tr - 22 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Sales Engineer / Kỹ Sư Bán Hàng/ Chuyên Viên Kinh Doanh (Hà Nội) Ha Noi 10 Tr - 15 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Sales Engineer / Kỹ Sư Bán Hàng / Chuyên Viên Kinh Doanh ( Bình Dương ) Binh Duong 15 Tr - 25 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Kỹ Sư Nhiệt Ho Chi Minh 7 Tr - 15 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Trưởng Văn Phòng Đại Diện Nha Trang Khanh Hoa 12 Tr - 20 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Chuyên Viên Quan Hệ Đầu Tư Và Cổ Đông Ho Chi Minh Competitive 13-10-2017
Nhân Viên Bảo Trì Ho Chi Minh 6 Tr - 8 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Project Director Ho Chi Minh 22 Tr - 33 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Chuyên Viên Kinh Doanh Kênh Phân Phối Ho Chi Minh 10 Tr - 15 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Trưởng Bộ Phận Cung Ứng Ba Ria-VT 17,6 Tr - 22 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Sales Engineer / Kỹ Sư Bán Hàng/ Chuyên Viên Kinh Doanh Ho Chi Minh, Binh Duong, Khanh Hoa Competitive 13-10-2017
Business Developer Ho Chi Minh 9 Tr - 13 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Lập Trình Viên Odoo (OpenERP) Ho Chi Minh 10 Tr - 20 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Trưởng Văn Phòng Đại Diện Bình Dương Binh Duong 12 Tr - 20 Tr VND 13-10-2017
Trợ Lý Trưởng Ban Quản Lý Hệ Thống Chất Lượng Ho Chi Minh Competitive 13-10-2017
Thiết Kế Kĩ Thuật Ho Chi Minh 8 Tr - 15 Tr VND 13-10-2017

About us

SolarBK is the leading provider of renewable energy solutions in Vietnam with a wide range of internationally certified products exploiting wind and solar energy. Our prominent project, “Light Up Spratly Islands”, successfully provides electricity for the historic and geographically important island groups. This brought us the prestigious 2012 Energy Globe Award. In 2014, SolarBK installed solar panels for the United Nations Vietnam office providing electricity to the building. In 2015, the oversea market is expanding rapidly.

Our R&D team works closely with leading international and domestic organizations, universities and government agencies. We have participated in pioneering research projects with the Ministry of Technologies, Ministry of Trade and Commerce in development and technology transfer, putting Vietnam on the global map of green and renewable energy experts.

The company’s motto: “Small changes make big differences”. We invest not only in technology but also in corporate’s culture and work ethics that encourage employees to thrive. At the heart of our long term success is a working environment that values personal development and contribution. Every staff deeply thrive through Trust, Teamwork, Learning, Creativity and Persistence to provide the best services in wind and solar energy for our customers and partners.

At SolarBK, we take pride of our human resources of young, enthusiastic, capable and determined people sharing a common goal. We believe that people are at the heart of all that is done in our business. Therefore, we offer people the greatest careers and consider the development of our human resource to be of great importance.

We are looking for strongly determined talents to contribute to our mission: bring renewable energy for a better environment and society by increasing the quality of life of poor people living in remote areas. If you are looking for new challenges and a place to develop your full potential, submit your resume to join SolarBK today. 

Message from SolarBK


Become Vietnam’s leading group in the field of renewable energy and contribute to creating one Vietnamese trade mark with international stature in this field.

With our optimal solutions offered at a reasonable price and a timely after-sales service, Solar-BK is committed to provide customers with peace of mind, absolute satisfaction for economic efficiency and social safety when using green energy technology.

Core values
Lighten up the desire to bring the Vietnamese’s intelligence to the world in the young generation.

  • Prove to the world that nowadays, Vietnam’s young generation dare to dream about big dreams and know to unite and learn to turn those dreams into the reality.
  • Change the opinion that the Vietnamese are just the intelligent persons without the long-term vision and lack of solidarity in peaceful age.

Core targets:

  • Create the playground for the young to promote the capacity, creativity at the maximum.
  • Inherit and promote the experiences of the former people.
  • Invent many applications so that the clean energy becomes more and more popular.
  • Produce a lot of new products/services to optimize the users’ benefits.
  • Share the development achievements with all staff.
  • Enjoy the proud feeling and interest after creating the 100% Vietnamese scientific research results, which has the value to lead the development of clean energy industry sector.

We are here to make all these come true!

At Solar-BK, we understand that a company can only grow and develop if the team is dedicated and united, so we always strive to improve ourselves, to accept to face any challenge and show the necessary perseverance to overcome all difficulties.

The corporate culture of Solar-BK is based on the ASPIRATION and PERSEVERANCE of each individual in the organization.


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