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Vietnam Artist Agency (VAA)

Location: 180/17 Đường Bùi Văn Ba, Phường Tân Thuận Đông, Quận 7, TP. Hồ Chí Minh

Field of operations: LimitedWebsite:


Jobs active (7)

Job Title Location Salary Updated
Nhân viên nhân sự Ho Chi Minh 8 Tr - 10 Tr VND 21-05-2019
Kế toán Dự án [Term] Ho Chi Minh 7 Tr - 10 Tr VND 28-04-2019
Film Production Ho Chi Minh Competitive 28-04-2019
Kế toán Tổng hợp Ho Chi Minh 7 Tr - 14 Tr VND 28-04-2019
Intern HR & IT Assistant Ho Chi Minh 3 Tr - 3 Tr VND 28-04-2019
Producer Ho Chi Minh 10 Tr - 18 Tr VND 28-04-2019
Business Development Director Assistant Ho Chi Minh 10 Tr - 14 Tr VND 26-04-2019

About us

Vietnam Artist Agency (VAA), established in September 2009, is a talent agency founded by Vietnamese celebrated actress/model/singer Ngô Thanh Vân. The company’s scope of business spans across numerous fields namely:

  • VAA is the company that produced the famous films such as: “Tấm Cám chuyện chưa kể”, “Ngày nảy ngày nay”, “Bống Bống Bang Bang”, “Cô Ba Sài Gòn”, “Về Quê Ăn Tết”,…
  • Representing A-List Vietnamese celebrities such as Ngô Thanh Vân, 365Daband, Isaac, Jun Phạm, Will, S.T. Furthermore, Vietnam Artist Agency also has strong business networking with other Vietnamese most renowned megastars.
  • Seeking, training, developing and providing talents (actors/actresses/singers/models) for movies, TV productions, music video clips, advertising campaigns, brand ambassadors and a wide variety of events, exhibitions, music concerts, fashion shows and other performance art forms in showbiz industry.

Message from Vietnam Artist Agency (VAA)

1. The company identifies the human resources as the basis, the basis of the success and development, so the company is always open, transparent and fair in selecting candidates to ensure the right people, improving the image and reputation of the company and attract talented people.

2. Manage and use human resources effectively, as this is the most valuable asset of the company.

3. Build a workforce suitable with the long-term sustainable development of the company with the professional working style, always promote the company's profit but not lose the creativity, unique of each person.

4. Make employees feel satisfied, engaged and dedicated to the company

5. Appreciate every dream, ambition and enthusiasm of all employees.

6. Direct and opened communication is the foundation of corporate culture. Good communication means a healthy environment of mutual trust and respect, in which employees and managers can comfortably discuss issues of work or concern in the workplace job.


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