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Wilmar CLV

  • Tầng 15, Tòa nhà Royal Tower – 235 Nguyễn Văn Cừ, Phường Nguyễn Cư Trinh, TP. Hồ Chí Minh
  • Company size: 2300|Field of operations: Joint Venture
  • Website: https://www.wilmar-international.com/
    Contact: https://www.facebook.com/wmclvcareers/

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R&D Deputy Manager - Homecare

  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Competitive
  • 22/01/2021

About us

Wilmar International - one of Asia's leading agribusiness corporations with more than 300 manufacturing plants and distribution systems spanning more than 50 countries. The Group is headquartered in Singapore and branches in more than 20 countries around the world, including Wilmar CLV (Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam). In Vietnam alone, there are currently 8 affiliated companies under Wilmar CLV, including:
  • Cai Lan Vegetable Oil Company Limited (CALOFIC) with famous cooking oil brands: Neptune - Score 10 for quality, Simply - Give a healthy heart, Meizan - Have Meizan passionately, Kiddy, Olivoila, ...
  • Meizan CLV Company Limited (MCC) with high-end products: Egg noodles, Nui, Fried flour, ...
  • Indonesia International Food Co., Ltd. (NDFC) with the traditional Soy sauce brand "Black cat" and spices such as chili sauce and seasoning seeds.
  • VFM Wilmar Wheat Grinder (VFM) has outstanding products such as Green Key Flour, Red Key, ...
  • Wilmar Agro Vietnam Co., Ltd. (WA) is famous for rice bran Cam Vang, Kim Tru, Wilstar, ...
  • Vietnam Agricultural Trading Company Limited (VAL) specializes in soy products.
  • Wilmar Marketing CLV is a distributor of products of Wilmar CLV Group
With a constantly expanding scale, a professional and dynamic environment, opportunities for continuous training and development, .... Wilmar CLV believes that those "materials" will help you build a very solid career.


“You don't come to Wilmar CLV to work, you come to build your own career,” Wilmar CLV's commitment to its team, and we are proud that many employees at all levels After all, every department felt it clearly. So how are Wilmar CLV people building their careers?

“The projects I have been assigned are always different and new, it helps me have the opportunity to challenge myself, each time I overcome difficulties in the new challenge, I will discover new limits of myself. It is a very interesting experience that only Wilmar CLV can get”- Ms Thanh Minh - Brand Office.
“It has been 5 years since I joined the Internship Program and became a full-time employee, in Wilmar CLV I have been able to do what I love, experience new tasks and become much more mature. . Wilmar CLV has a clear orientation and development strategy for its employees, has excellent training programs and especially promotion opportunities for everyone” - Mr Minh Ha - Business Development Department

“I have very special teachers at Wilmar CLV, those are the older brothers and sisters who are always enthusiastic to guide and teach me the valuable practical experiences that they draw from themselves. More importantly, my efforts are sincerely acknowledged by the company and responded by caring about the spiritual and health life of our employees through practical activities and benefits” / Mr Hai Dang - Production Department

“Wilmar CLV is very suitable for young people because this is a quite dynamic environment, you can get creative and self-control in your work. If you try well, you will achieve a high income, that reflect clearly the capacity of each individual. Besides, Wilmar CLV is also a friendly environment, people always work in the spirit of sharing and building, always giving direct suggestions to better grow together” - Mr Thien Song - Sales Department



The competitive remuneration policy of Wilmar CLV is based on the ability of each individual and is reviewed regularly.


Wilmar CLV is fully implemented Sufficient legal provisions on Social Insurance, Health Insurance and Unemployment Insurance. Besides, there are health insurance packages, 24-hour insurance and annual health examination programs


With the motto "The company is Family, Colleagues are brothers" Wilmar CLV builds a friendly working environment, supporting and developing together. All offices and factories of the Group are equipped with modern and safe facilities to ensure the best working environment for employees.


Wilmar CLV regularly organizes professional and technical training programs to enhance capacity according to employees' actual needs. Especially the promotion and development opportunities in many different areas of the Group are always open to all employees.


In addition to the familiar benefits such as annual travel, birthday gifts and special occasions, Wilmar CLV also supports the lives of employees with monthly benefit packages including products. outstanding of the Group (rice, cooking oil, soy sauce, chili sauce, premium noodle, egg noodles, ...)


To enhance cohesion and mental care for employees after work, Wilmar CLV regularly organizes Sports Clubs (Yoga, Badminton, Soccer, etc.), events such as the National Sports Festival, Family Festivals and special programs on other holidays and New Year.


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