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Accountant Officer (6 months) Working In Binh Duong

The Ascott Managament Vietnam (HCMC Office)
Updated: 19/07/2019

Employment Information

Job Description

1. Ensure that minor operated department sales are accurately recorded by examining sheets (from the system when available) and vouchers.

2. Account for all vouchers’ serial number to ensure that no voucher is missing between the lowest and highest number recorded in the summary sheet

3. Tally total amount of sales recorded in the summary sheet against total amount of vouchers

4. Check that voided vouchers are properly approved.

5. File all checked vouchers according to serial number for easy future retrieval

6. Ensure that every foreign currency transaction is covered by a foreign exchange receipt signed by the guest.

7. Trace foreign currency transaction summary report for irregularity in voiding. Any irregularity is to be investigated and responsible cashier is to answer for any irregularity

8. Check that all allowance and paid out vouchers issued comply with Company policies to ensure that no unauthorized credits are given to guests

9. Examines vouchers for numerical sequence and missing checks. If any irregularities notes, investigations should be done immediately

10. For encashment on credit cards, ensure that the corresponding service fee is charged and a copy of the credit card charge slip signed by the guest is attached to the paid out voucher

11. Witness Cashier’s daily cash count

12. Test check Guest Service report against cashier’s report to ascertain that all recorded cash are fully turned in

13. Prepare company’s daily flash report on a timely basis for Management meeting (if any)

14. Conduct surprise check on cashier’s cash float to avoid manipulation of funds

15. Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Finance Manager or Management


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  2. Đảm bảo số sêri chứng từ tiếp nối nhau từ nhỏ đến lớn và không có chứng từ nào bị mất trong bảng báo cáo
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  14. Kiểm tra đột xuất tiền mặt của thủ quỹ để tránh thao túng quỹ
  15. Thực hiện công việc khác được Trưởng bộ phận Tài chính hay Ban Quản lý phân công

Job Requirement

1. Degree in Accounting, Finance or equivalent.
2. At least 1 years working as Accountant in an operating joint venture company. (Preferably in the hospitality industry).
3. Competent in Microsoft Office, with analytical mind and with acceptable verbal and written English communication skills.
4. Teamwork, Proactive, Highly self-motivated, Initiative, Integrity and Innovative.

More Information

  • Degree: Bachelor
  • Age: Unlimited
  • Job type : Contract/ Freelance

Company Overview

The Ascott Managament Vietnam (HCMC Office)

www.the-ascott.comCompany size: 300
The Ascott Limited is a Singapore company that has grown to be the world's largest international serviced residence owner-operator. It has more than 22,000...Detail

Accountant Officer (6 months) Working In Binh Duong

The Ascott Managament Vietnam (HCMC Office)

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