Sales Manager


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Job Description

  • Offering innovative solutions to increase revenue, build the sales team and expand customers for the company.
  • Manage market information, survey, collect, analyze data (needs, competitors, policies, prices,..); consulting, consulting to build business policies.
  • Business market development according to the Company's strategy and plan (expanding customer system, supplier system, ...)
  • Build business plans and plans. Implement and control approved plans and plans to ensure the highest efficiency and report on implementation results
  • Building and training a strong team of sales Agents with effective negotiation skills, top-notch communication, creating a powerful team of warriors who can market the financial brands of the company.
  • Manage to recorded phone calls and review client communications via other contacts channels like email and messengers (whatsapp, wechat, zalo).
  • Fill out and grade call review forms by listening to recorded conversion and retention phone calls to ensure our sales reps are selling effectively while adhering to compliance guidelines.
  • Provide coaching/feedback sessions with the sales representative and his or her supervisor on the basis of the scored call review forms.
  • Attend feedback sessions between the team leaders and the sales reps to provide coaching and guidance to the team leaders, when necessary.
  • Provide feedback concerning specific sales representatives and team leaders to other department members and members of senior management.
  • Provide tailored coaching for new hires of the sales department.
  • Support the development on video and testing materials for the corporate university. These materials will be used to train both our employees and partners.
  • Be on top of daily /weekly /monthly reports for example call statistics and lead generation.

Job Requirement

  • Must be fluent bilingual in Vietnamese and English.
  • Studying in the UK or the US is an advantage.
  • Must have an outstanding record of phone sales performance having repeatedly met or exceeded one’s individual or team sales targets over time.  This is needed to immediately establish credibility among the sales representatives who you will be coaching.     
  • Must be an effective coach and mentor.  Knowing how to sell effectively isn’t the same as knowing how to teach others to sell effectively. 
  • Skills to solve problems, communicate, persuade well and withstand high work pressure.
  • Ability to plan and execute work according to a plan, prioritize and manage multiple tasks.
  • Proven ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment, demonstrating teamwork and collaboration. 
  • Excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in the financial services sector will be a plus.
  • At least 2 years of working experience as Sales Supervisor.


  • Income form $2000 on the candidate's capacity and experience.
  • Commissions by business performance of the room.
  • Full enjoyment of benefits, birthdays, annual travel ...
  • Bonus on holidays, corporate events, ...
  • There is a promotion roadmap, maximum support skills when working.
  • Creative, luxurious and professional office space.

More Information

  • Job type : Permanent
  • Age: Unlimited
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