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Địa điểm: Số 6, hẻm 21, đường Xuân Thủy, phường Thảo Điền, Quận 2, thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

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Milano Series Designs Vietnam is a branch of MILANO SERIES INTERNATIONAL LTD – the leading importer in US market, which was established in 1978. Initially, Milano Series generated brand recognition in New York and then its following spread to Boston then Washington DC, Chicago and beyond. MILANO SERIES have imported various products to US market which were made from natural materials (wood, rattan, bamboo, etc.), and designed based on our own ideas. Milano Series is an innovator – we do not copy other company’s products. We at Milano Series have always believed that good design does not only belong in galleries, museums and homes of the rich. We strive to offer the best design and quality at the most affordable prices, so that we can make the lives of all people a little more beautiful everyday. We have never conformed to trends or followed the pack, we are always introducing new and innovative products because we have an immense pride in well designed and functional products. We know there is a need out there for these products because most of our inspiration comes from something lacking in the market, product that does not exist. Most Milano Series product concepts were created out of necessity. If we could not find a certain type of product of reasonable quality and price we have often designed and manufactured our own. When we design a new product we look at it from three angles: The design, the quality, and the price. We bring it home and decide if we would purchase the item and what could be improved. At Milano Series, we don’t compromise quality or design. We strive for the best solutions, the best value, and the best product.

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