ONP-Vietnam, LLC
ONP-Vietnam, LLC

ONP-Vietnam, LLC

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Số 38, đường Hàm Nghi, Khu Phố Thiên Bình, Phường Tam Phước, Thành Phố Biên Hòa

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ONP-Vietnam, LLC

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ONP-Vietnam, an American company, was founded in 2010.  The company specializes in producing wood kitchen accessories for the High Quality Wooden Kitchen Industry.  ONP-Vietnam uses solid woods such as hard maple, rubber wood, and SPF, along with both veneer core and composite core plywood, to produce high quality parts.

ONP-Vietnam is a two-shift operation with 160 production workers and staff.  ONP-Vietnam uses a variety of machines, employing the latest technology, to ensure that our parts are made efficiently and with a minimum of variation.

ONP-Vietnam believes that its people are critical in ensuring that product is made to specification and with the least cost.  It is ONP-Vietnam’s philosophy that decisions should be made at the lowest level possible in the organization.  In other words, our employees are empowered to make decisions that pertain to their jobs.  This increases ownership of problems, brings focus to difficulties, and gets resolution quickly.

For our employees to take on such responsibility, they must have business literacy.  ONP-Vietnam provides multiple training opportunities for its employees; from the monthly employee meeting, where details of the previous month’s performance are shared, to individual and group training events.  As employees grow in knowledge and experience, they often take on more challenging roles.


ONP-Vietnam is a high energy, fast passed organization.  Things change continually at ONP-Vietnam.  We are constantly trying to improve our performance, looking for new and better ways to do things.  It is easy to get caught up in the excitement.


At ONP-Vietnam, the people control the company, not the other way around.  We look for the best way to do things, then document those best practices using procedures, visual work instructions, and quality standards.  This makes it easy for a new employees to learn their job and get up to speed.  It also helps to control variation and unexpected consequences.


At ONP-Vietnam, we say what we will do, then do what we said we will do.  It is our motto.  As situations change, we revise and update our documentation to make sure we always are in control of the company.  Whether it is revising CARB compliance to the new EPA standard, or reviewing a procedure to accommodate a better process we are on top of it.

Thông điệp từ ONP-Vietnam, LLC

1. Mision

The mission of ONP Vietnam is to make mass produced products at a competitive price and quality so that ONP US can offer a full variety of products to customers while maintaining profitability.

2. Vision

Within the next three years we will become craftsmen who do small actions everyday with excellence, solving problems and improving operational practices, resulting in a 30% reduction in cost and improvement of quality levels/yield levels to match 6 sigma, giving us an advantage over our competitors in the “well designed wood cabinet accessories market” and increasing value to our customers.

3. Core values

Ownership & responsibility

•We say what we do and then do what we said we would do. We follow-up and maintain the processes, deadlines and problems we own. We plan, do, check and act to verify if the things we have to do/are doing are being done correctly. We are accountable for the things we do. Because we are the owners of processes, deadlines, and problems, we act by ourselves and are driven by responsibility and team spirit.


•Learning how to do our jobs by deeply understanding how things work. To improve upon the things we already know and to share that knowledge with others. Confirming the things you understand and asking when things are not clear. Using 5 why continuously to broaden your understanding. We are a learning organization promoting personal growth of our employees to develop future leaders.


•Honesty and transparency in all we do. Giving clear commitment and following up on our commitment as promised. We act with morality and with consistency of action.

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