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Mô tả Công việc

Request for Approval (RFA) Review & Monitoring :

  • Check and review all RFAs which are under CFO’s scope of approval
  • Ensure the following objectives:
  • Expenses are in line with budget and company’s strategy
  • Expenses are recorded and accrued as required under accounting principles
  • RFA are logged for record keeping purpose
  • Ensure RFA Review and Monitoring Process being well performed.
  • Assist RFA submitters in completing RFAs by giving advice, review, cross check, and challenging toward RFA to ensure the decision in RFA will comply with relevant laws and internal rules, and expense related to such decision will be adequate in terms of the Company budget etc.
  • Monitor RFA implementation and post implementation for report on impact/lesson learnt for future projects.
  • Enhance RFA Process and Report.

Budget Controlling :

  • Ensures that resources are used for their planned purposes and are properly accounted for to internal or to external bodies.
  • Monitor the status of budget spending/ activity of whole company by reviewing financial reports regularly and make such modifications to improve the administration of budgetary control.
  • Ensure Budget Monitoring Process being well performed. It includes Identify Current Position, Compare Current Position to Planned Position, Identify any Actions Required, Report to Budget Holder, Agree Action Required, and Take Action.
  • Prepare budget monitoring reports on monthly basis.

Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Management Reporting :

  • Design, automate, analyze and deliver standard reports on monthly, quarterly & yearly basis.
  • Conduct the following reports:
  1. P&L Commentaries;
  2. P&L by Channel;
  3. Monthly Expense Report;
  4. Monthly Stratex Report;
  5. Prepare and Post Budget Data to Budget Management System & Epayment System;
  6. Prepare and Post Additional Accrual for Stratex to Sun System
  7. RFA Follow Up with Users;
  8. Epayment Expense over Budget Follow Up with Users.
  9. Ad hoc reporting for management and business as needed such as macroeconomic, industry researches & analyses

Finance Projects :

  • Assist Finance Manager in preparing, coordinating, consolidating, and managing to complete the Finance Accounting Operating Manual (FAOM).
  • Assist Finance Manager in other projects (if any).

Annual Budget and Forecast :

  • Assist Finance Manager in Annual Budget and Forecast activities:

- Distributing budget guidelines and timelines; Preparing budget template; Obtaining department budgets; Consolidating and reviewing annual budget; Upload budget data into system.

- Coordinating with Budget Holders to prepare plan relating to Acquisition, Strategic, and Administration Expense

- Ensure the financial plan comply with the highest standards of accuracy, validity, and ethics and ensure adherence to the DLVN Accounting Policies.

- Ensure the financial plan to be reviewed and analyzed in different perspectives such as by department, by channel, by location and to be in line with company’s strategy.

Finance Partner :

  • Support Business Partners in RFA Process, Budget Process, and all finance-related aspects.
  • Coordinate with relevant departments to perform regular expense review and comment. Regular monitoring of significant expenses such as commission, contest, sales seminars/conventions, rental, staff cost, underwriting, and advertising etc. to stay on top of these key items.

Ad-hoc :

  • Other activities and responsibilities relating to Finance from time to time as required.

Yêu Cầu Công Việc


Education, no. of year experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Accounting;
  • At least 3 years working in Finance/Accounting;
  • Experience in Insurance industry is an advantage;
  • CFA, ACCA, or MBA preferred.

Technical skills:

  • Sound financial planning & analysis/ financial modeling/ budget control/ reporting;
  • Very advanced MS Office.
  • SAP, SunSystems, Q&A, VBA Preferred;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Life Insurance knowledge preferred.

Soft skills:

  • Very good at communication, interpersonal, team work, problem solving, relationship management;
  • Responsible, eager to learn, pro-active attitude.


  • Internal interface
  • Communicate effectively with other divisions.
  • External Interface
  • External audits when needed.


  • Large data processing
  • High pressure on reporting deadline of reporting
  • Quite complicated Life Insurance accounting process and system 

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