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Mô tả Công việc

As a Product Marketing Manager at Minthcare, you are responsible for developing effective brand and marketing strategies and campaigns, under the direction of the Brand Manger & Marketing Director.

You will work closely with cross-functional teams to ensure that our products are successfully launched and marketed to the target audience. You are also directly responsible for the delivery of all collaterals, contents, materials, and the execution of all activities, online and offline, medical and retail, digital and social media required to achieve the marketing objectives.

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Brand strategy: Develop and execute brand strategies to support the brands’ overall business objectives under the direction of the brand manager & marketing director, and in coordination with the sales department to achieve the commercial objectives.
  • Strategic planning : Conduct research and analysis to understand customer behavior, market trends, retailers and partners perspectives and competitor activities. Deliver strategic planning, insights and perspectives that can support the brand strategies and activities.
  • Brand planning : Manage the brand identity, ensuring that all communication and marketing materials are consistent with the brand guidelines. Deep-dive into the brand contents and campaigns produced in other countries and in head-quarter, connect with peers of Minthacare and our brands rep for knowledge sharing.
  • Brand positioning: Define the fine segmentation of the target audiences for each product of the portfolio, coming with a strong recommendation of the best touchpoints, channels, activities to reach them then convert them into new or retained customers.
  • Brand Reputation: Strengthen the thought-leadership through the development of original content and participation in industry events and conferences.
  • 360 marketing plans: Propose, develop and execute brand campaigns, new initiatives and daily activities working with agencies and cross-functional teams to ensure they are on budget, and delivered of time.
  • Medical USPs (if relevant for the brand): Reinforce and control the dermatology / medical assets of our dermatology / pharmaceutical brands in all communication and marketing messages and activities, in a good balance with more engaging and lifestyle approaches.
  • Budget management : Manage the annual brand budget shared by the senior management, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively to support the marketing objectives.
  • Performance : Monitor the effectiveness and results of brand campaigns and always-on engagements in order to adjust strategies as needed to achieve business goals. Provide reports of the brand performance on a regular basis and on senior management requests, coming with actionable recommendations
  • Project Management : Provide 360 briefings for all other specialists teams of the marketing department, lead the integration of all the specialists teams to provide a coherent and optimized execution plan that is meeting the brand and marketing objectives.
  • Team Management : Supervise the assistant product marketing manager to make sure the execution is strictly following the expectations, to guarantee the delivery on time from all internal and external specialists teams.
  • Digital Direction : Work closely with the digital team, to brief, challenge and analyze all brand activities on social and digital platforms. Follow the good execution of digital activities including SEO, SEM, social media, and content marketing.
  • PR & KOL Direction : Work closely with the PR, Event and KOL team to brief, challenge and analyze the good execution of all brand activities, to ensure a positive and long-term relationships with stakeholders (media, influencers).
  • Content Direction : Provide directions to the Content & Design team, and be accountable for the understanding of the brand identity and specificities to be implemented in all productions.
  • Collaboration : Coordinate with other departments to ensure that they are aligned with the brand strategy. Coordinate with other departments to receive their requirements, and supervise the project manager to deliver their expected deliverables in a timely manner - such as the medical collaterals for events, the merch and retail materials for on-ground activities, the content and campaign of e-commerce etc.

Yêu Cầu Công Việc

Soft Skills

  • Collaboration : Ability to work effectively with all teams in the Minthacare organizational structure :  with the HQ of the brands, with other departments of the company, with peers in other countries, with the brand representatives.
  • Creativity: Ability to think creatively and develop innovative marketing strategies that differentiate our products from competitors while maintaining the medical USP of the products.
  • Project Management : Provide guidance and support to all departments, including sales and medical, to ensure that they are aligned with the brand strategy. Provide motivation and directions to the other team of the marketing department such as the PR & KOL manager, the Digital Manager and the creative team.
  • Time management : Excellent time management skills to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.

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